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Woes and Lamentations, Batman! Twidder is having its balls fondled and knob polished! Should we alert the coast guard? 

Posted: 11/20/22 7:46 PM

coastgorad like poastborad 

Posted: 11/20/22 7:47 PM


Posted: 08/26/22 9:05 PM

Uncle fungus has a back-blowing session with the local knitting club: tonite at 10. After that, the GILF and cookies reruns are BACK for more wrinkley goodness. In the morning, we're playing a whole hour of sCREAMers in the pool; Sara and her friends experiment with cannibalism and learn the hard way about table manners. Stay tuned for hormonal celebrations!  

Posted: 08/26/22 7:09 PM

I saw a box inside a storage unit for sale that said "grandpa's memories" and my jaw dropped. What if that was mine? What if I spent all this time, failed suicides and broken soul, defeating homelessness and alcoholism, only to have my most precious heirlooms tossed in a storage shed and sold at auction? What was even worth fighting for if I become a box labeled "grandpa's memories" that none of my family cares enough about to protect? 
I think people don't have desires for the future anymore. I think people only think about their next mission, and not about what kind of person they want to become. It seems like there are so many "grandpa's memories" boxes out there that it's not a big deal anymore to blow off the elderly and ignore them because of so-called "relevance". Respect you Elders, a common saying, I know I've heard it a million times. And that's why it doesn't mean anything anymore. People want to shorten the amount of explaining they do, and so they come up with these quips that equate to thoughts and interpretation, and teach these saying to their children who don't understand it's importance. "all things happen for a reason" and similar bullshit. 
But now I've come to truly understand what it means to say Respect your elders; it means to have some fucking empathy. You will become ancient too, and your feelings will hurt if the people you fought for don't give a shit. Ask a veteran. Ask single parents. Ask drug addicts and their families. We fight for the things we hold dear because they are worth protecting, and when you die, if that feeling is still within you, someone else will protect it. Unless it goes up for auction when you don't pay your bills. People who earn trust and then give up on it make me feel like grease.

Posted: 08/17/22 11:29 PM