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I just got a 1995 BMW 325i. The driver window doesn't roll down at the moment. I'll be posting pics here when I get down to it.

Posted: 04/24/22 8:48 AM

Will be doing coil overs and spacers with my buddy on his car in a month, will update on time spent to provide information on how long you should budget for such a process

Posted: 03/22/22 5:56 AM

Parts came in

Posted: 01/14/22 3:37 AM

I'm excited to see this turn out fam.

Posted: 01/14/22 4:38 AM

The carb control needle leaked due to poor tolerance, the new ones great tho

Posted: 01/14/22 7:47 PM

Try not to heat up brass bolts to get them unstuck if you can avoid it; the head can soften up sufficiently to round off too easily. Not worth it imo.

Posted: 01/10/22 3:54 AM