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This board will contain all future updates regarding the progress with Postboard. Eventually, there will be sub Boards for you guys to post specific requests.

Community Guidelines and Reporting Processes

Postboard is unique in how it sets and maintains its Community Guidelines. Like other social media sites, a user may report any problematic post. Reported posts sit in queue, ranked by the number of people who have reported the post. A moderator will review the initial content. In compliance with the laws of the United States, the moderator will immediately remove illegal content.

Illegal Content:

- Any directed plans to directly physically hurt a human individual or animal. - Images, videos, drawings, representations, depictions, or other forms expressing lewd acts to or towards a minor. Posting this content will lead to an immediate ban from the Postboard network in all capacities. In addition to illegal content, a moderator will also instantly content that civically violates the boards rules.

Instant Removal:

- If a community states that it is for audiences younger than 18, or that they do not want adult content, and you decide to post NSFW. - If you post NSFW content and do not tag it appropriately. Postboard will announce any addition to the Instant Removal category prior to enforcement. If a reported post does not qualify for removal for content described in either the Illegal Content or Instant Removal categories, then the Moderator will send the post to the Jury. Every post removed by a moderator in the Instant Removal category will be reviewed by at least one other moderator. If any moderator disagrees with the removal, the post is sent to an appropriate jury. Postboard Administrators may override moderator decisions only with a public explanation of the reasoning behind the veto.


If a post is sent to Jury, an algorithm will cast a jury of random members of the community that the reported note came from. If the note came from a board, the jury will consist of members of that board. If the note is posted to the general public, the jury will consist of Postboard users. The size of the community will determine the size of the jury.

Jury Sizes

Jury Size varies with on the size of the community.
Under 150
If the group size that the jury is being selected from is 150 people or less, A simple jury session is conducted. Out of the population, 10 people are randomly chosen to cast their vote. If there is a tie, two more people are chosen until there is no more tie. If the population is exhausted, the note will remain. Rules for more complex juries will be created and publically announced as the need arises.

Notice of Note Removal

If you do get a note removed by jury, you will be told that your post was removed by a jury that voted: (Guilty/Innocent), and the names of the moderators that accused you. If your post gets removed by an admin, you will be told their name, and the reason it was removed. If you think a Moderator isn't doing the job right, you can report them too.

Requirements for a User Ban

If a user continuously posts notes that get reported, they may experience a short time where they cannot post at all, not even on their own private boards. If when they get their posting abilities back they begin posting more reported content, their account will be flagged for review. A Moderator will view the profile and decide based on the types of reports if they should be put on trial and cast a jury. If the jury finds them guilty, they will be banned from the community they have been posting in. If they were posting in the public, they will be read-only everywhere and all boards they own will be made hidden. They may transfer ownership of a board to someone else or delete the whole board. When the board is transferred, it becomes visible again. If the jury finds him innocent, the user will remain. If the Moderator deems them to be okay, nothing happens either. If the user continues to get reported, a moderator will start the cycle again. If moderators get reported, Admins will look into the accusations and make a decision based on the evidence provided. They can remove a mod's status or even ban them.

Posted: 01/04/22 6:26 PM

Intro to Formatting

As you all can see, you now have the ability to format your posts with a little bit of spice. I have added all six header sizes, as well as bold/italic and a few others.


Headings must be the only text on the line, meaning it must be the start of a new line and nothing can come between it and the next line. You can make headings by surrounding text in pound signs corresponding to heading size. EX: #Heading 1# ##Heading 2## ###Heading 3###

Text Formatting

Sometimes you really wanna drive home a point when you are writing. To do that, I've added a few different ways to spice it up. EX: Bold Text *Bold Text* Italic Text **Italic Text** Bold Italic Text ***Bold Italic Text*** Underline Text _Underline Text_ Strike Text __Strike Text__

Prevent Formatting

If you don't want formatting to happen at all on a line, start it with an !. It will remove the ! in the beginning, but it won't touch anything else in that line. EX: Strike Text (none) __***Strike Text***__ (!) !__***Strike Text***__ (!!) Comment down below for different kinds of features you all would like to see implemented.

Posted: 12/30/21 1:27 AM


In order to minimize the space notifications take-up in storage, they will be organized as bare JSON objects without labels to their attributes. EX: [ { // Notif 1 <by_userid>, // (0) int <action_id>, // (1) int <timestamp>, // (2) long, in ms "<extra_0>", // (3) string "<extra_1>", // (4) string ... "<extra_n>" // (n) string }, { // Notif 0 <by_userid>, // (0) int <action_id>, // (1) int <timestamp>, // (2) long, in ms "<extra_0>", // (3) string "<extra_1>", // (4) string ... "<extra_n>" // (n) string } ]

Action IDs

To make this complete and to maintain consistency, I will outline what each action ID is, its description, the extras it uses, and the formula for the string notification. The formula follows where <U> is a username and <E_0> ... <E_N> is each extra element. 0: User liking your post E_0: post ID (notif contains a button on right to view post) Formula: <U> liked your post! 1: User disliking your post, is anon E_0: post ID (notif contains a button on right to view post) Formula: You got a dislike on your post! 2: User commented on your post E_0: post ID (notif contains a button on right to view post) E_1: post preview (first 16 chars) Formula: <U> commented: "<E_1>" 3: User subscribed to you Formula: <U> subscribed to you! 4: User joined your board E_0: board ID (treat as name in formula) Formula: <E_0>| <U> joined your board! 5: User left your board, anon E_0: board ID (treat as name in formula) Formula: <E_0>| A user left your board! 6: User posted in your board E_0: post ID (notif contains a button on right to view post) E_1: post preview (first 16 chars) E_2: board ID (treat as name in formula) Formula: <E_2>| <U> posted: "<E_1>"

Spam Notif Reduction

When a notification is added to a user's info, there is included a timestamp. Since each notification is sent with the user and action id, it can be detected if somebody were to like and then a few minutes later dislike. To avoid clogging up the system with circular notifs, each time one is sent out, it will check for the anti action by the same user occurring within a defined timespan. Comment below if you have any suggestions.

Posted: 12/28/21 6:57 PM

Boards now have proper permissions! All that's left is to finish up the editing page (Updating icon and header image.) After that, notifications are up next. Once people start actually using the platform you will be able to create your own public boards. Development is gonna pick up after these next few days.

Posted: 12/23/21 8:06 PM

Your first preview of boards is here! You may notice there is no way you can post here. I've posted an image of the permissions in the discord server so yall can see. The last major step is user management. That includes users joining boards as members, and adding members to groups once joined. Click your "boards" button to view the announcements board!

Posted: 12/23/21 2:56 AM